Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday's Meetings

The last and final day of the trip ended with intimate meetings from members of California's congressional delegation, including Congressmen Brian Bilbray, Duncan D. Hunter and Bob Filner.

Congressman Duncan D. Hunter
Each member spoke of the important issues facing the San Diego region such as defense cuts, sequestration, tax implications of pension reform, and the need for innovation and new technologies.  There was abundant praise for the Chamber's delegation trip and members stressed the need for trips like these and continuous cooperation and collaboration between DC and San Diego.

Congressman and San Diego Mayoral candidate, Bob Filner
Congressman Brian Bilbray

The halls of the Library of Congress
The day ended with a luncheon at the Library of Congress and a personal discussion with Congresswoman Susan Davis.  Chamber president and CEO, Ruben Barrales, board chair, Mark Leslie, and trip chair, Ben Haddad, made closing remarks and thanked all the delegates for their hard work and participation during the trip.

Congresswoman Susan Davis


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